January 2022 Update

We hope you are safe and well!  Welcome to our first newsletter of 2022!

Mission Recap:
Monji Gifts makes buying and sending gifts simple and joyful while boosting our local small business community and contributing to advance brain research for each box sold.  We purchase all our gift products from US small businesses with a special focus on Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New England (90%+) makers.  We cull through many makers to bring our customers a boutique quality experience.  We use high quality recyclable boxes and filler to ensure we are eco-friendly.  Our boxes can be shipped anywhere in the US and can be purchased online or locally at Fresh Foods Market or La Cantina Winery in Franklin, MA.  For each box purchased, a contribution is to the Harvard Brain Science Initiative to support seed funding of projects to advance brain research.

Progress Update:
June 2021 was our business launch.  We have been thrilled by the support of our family, friends, colleagues, and the community.  Each interaction is special and your feedback and complements always make our day.

Sales during this launch year have been tremendous.  Immediately as we revealed our business, we were fortunate to receive orders and get traction early from returning customers.  Over the summer and into fall we built momentum by participating in local farmers markets and sharing information on our social media sites on Facebook and Instagram.  Each month, our growth continued and we were fortunate to help several businesses with employee gifts over the holidays.

In addition to sales, we grew our small business partnerships as we added our fall and winter boxes.  For each new box we introduced, we were able to find some truly talented and amazing artists and are thrilled with the relationships built.

In December, we were thrilled to make our 1st donation in recognition of all the boxes sold to Harvard's Brain Science Initiative.

The Year Ahead:
We've set goals for the year ahead for solid growth.  We will continue to offer exceptional service and our signature boutique quality products. We are committed to expanding our product line by adding special Valentine's, Mother's Day, Father's Day gift boxes.  We have also been asked and will begin offering a quarterly subscription box starting in Q2.  Our local partnerships are expanding as well.  We will continue enhancing our relationships with small businesses, local shops, and local markets.  Please continue to send us suggestions and reach out if you have interest in partnerships.

Asks & Thanks
Please follow us on Facebook and/or Instagram.  Our Valentine's Box will be available on Tuesday, February 1.  Quantities are limited so please get your order in early.

Thank you to all our customers and partners for your continued support, appreciation notes, and repeat purchases.

We are hopeful that 2022 will be the year that we can all put the COVID pandemic behind us and celebrate health, local connections, and growth!

Stay well!
Terri & Jeff